My WWDC session is in iTunes

Designing and Extending the Mac OS X Blog Experience

As some of you know, Apple asked me give a session about WordPress at at their WWDC 07 conference this year. The session was titled “Designing and Extending the Mac OS X Blog Experience” and they gave me an hour to cover how to create a local development system for designing blogs with WordPress and Mac OS X. So I practiced, practiced and practiced my session and had my Steve Jobs moment with Keynote and a huge screen behind me… and I did alright. The video(audio and slides) of the session is now available in the iTunes Store. An Apple Developer account is required but you can get that at no cost.

Link: ADC in iTunes Store (Link Updated)
Look for it under WWDC 2007 Sessions > Content and Media – Video

Update: It looks like the videos are only available for WWDC attendees :-(

10 thoughts on “My WWDC session is in iTunes

  1. paul

    I’m getting errors too. Sometimes it keeps me out saying I’m logged in as the wrong person, and other times it lets me login, but I can’t see WWDC 2007 content.

    The only sections I can see are:
    “Designing Web Content for iPhone”
    “Coding Headstarts: Introductory Video”
    “Leopard Sessions from WWDC 2006”
    “Scientific Poster Session Podcasts”

  2. Jörg

    Can’t download it via the updated link either (also, access denied error with a free account) – is there any other way you can make the presentation available? would be great.

  3. Melvin - All Forces

    argh. ok, there’s a link right from the developer page homepage at called WWDC 2007 Session Videos. this is the same link i have in my webpage. when i click it, it takes me to the ADC in iTunes itTunes store. I’m hoping it’s content for all ADC members and not just wwdc attendees. can anyone confirm if they have access?
    update: u think videos are only available for wwdc attendees. sorry guys :-(

  4. Markus

    May I second the request for the video? I would suggest a split file upload (if bigger then 100 MB) on, if you’d like to upload it for us poor souls. Thanks in advance, Markus.

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