Nota 1.0.1 is now available for download

An update to Nota is now available for download. This update primarily takes care of performance improvements in the iPhone 2G and 3G. Specifically in the piano section. As it turns out, decoding multiple MP3s at the same time is a big task in these two models. The iPhone does have a hardware decoder, but it can only do one audio at a time. Add any more files and the decoding is handled via software instead of hardware. So the audio is now IMA4 CAF and after much memory management voodoo I was able to get it a lot more responsive in the 2G. It is still not a smooth as the iPhone 3GS when rolling the finger through it. But then again, this is not meant for live playing. It’s just a reference tool. I’ve added other improvements as well. Read bellow for the changelog.

Nota 1.0.1 Changelog


  • The audio format was changed to improve playback performance on the iPhone 2G and 3G.
  • Memory management tweaks have also helped performance in these devices.
  • Playing a note repeatedly no longer cuts the audio of the previous note sound making it a lot smoother.


  • In the previous version, Accidentals and Notes where mixed in the possible answers. This would sometimes make the answer an obvious one. Therefore Accidentals are now grouped together in the answer. This means that if the correct answer is a Sharp or a Flat, then the choices given will be Sharps or Flats, excluding regular notes. Vice-versa, if the answer is a regular note, no Accidentals will be given as possible choices.
  • The High Score board now shows the percentage bar of the correct answers.
  • The Save Score window now shows up if a new High Score was made.
  • Corrected two G flat notes that were showing incorrectly as a G.


  • Added Alto and Tenor Clefs.
  • Fixed a typographical error.
  • Expanded the description of Tuplets and Triplets.
  • Corrected two G flat notes that were showing incorrectly as a G.
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