Nota 1.2 adds Chords, Scales & Cover Flow

Nota 1.2 is finally out with tons of new features. The main focus of this update was to bring the most requested feature to Nota; chords and scales. You can now browse and play almost any type of chord or scale in any key. Chords can also be inverted. A simple piano is now available in full screen landscape mode with bigger keys that are easier to play and the sound engine has been revamped for better responsiveness across different iPhone models. The Reference section can now be browsed in cover flow mode when the device is in landscape mode making it easier to browse by symbols instead of names.

Nota 1.2 Changelog:

  • Chords and Scales
  • Landscape mode piano
  • Cover flow view of reference
  • Revamped audio engine for improved responsiveness
  • Minor revisions to the reference library
  • Spanish localization

3 thoughts on “Nota 1.2 adds Chords, Scales & Cover Flow

  1. Patrick Lewis

    This is a great app! It was featured on Gizmodo, which is how I found out about it. I request that now that you have added chords and scales, that you add chords and scales to the quiz feature as well.

    I also suggest that if you get all questions on the quiz correct, that the quiz reports your best time instead of the amount of questions correct.

    Lastly, in the “scales” section, is the “minor” the same as the “melodic minor” scale? If so, then it’s redundant. Also, while looking at the choices for scales, there looks like there is a gray bar at the top with some white words in it, but the app is so tall I can’t see what the words say. This app is awesome, and it would be nice to see the features I requested implemented. Thanks for your time.

  2. Patrick Lewis

    One more feature: a new type of quiz. In the “piano” function of Nota, you can play the piano and the notes will appear at the top. It would be cool to have a quiz where the notes were already at the top of the screen, and we would have to play the notes that we see at the screen, as many as we can within a certain amount of time, or who can play a set number of notes the fastest.

    That could be extended in advanced mode to chords, two and three note chords possibly.