“An indispensible tool for anyone learning music”
“Nota is a sweet melody to musicians... very polished and definitely a pleasure to use”
“A great investment for professional musicians and students alike”

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Nota Music App - Piano
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Improve your music knowledge with Nota's impressive collection of piano tools. Browse or play any chord or scale in any key. Practice your skills with the notes quiz and look up any music symbol in the reference library.


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4 octave piano that displaying notes on a staff.

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Chords Browser

A chords browser with 152 types to choose from and the ability to invert chords.

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Scales Browser

A scales browser with 167 types of scales and the ability to play them in any key.

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A notes quiz where you can test your music notation knowledge.

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Reference Library

A collection of 133 searchable musical symbols and their meaning.

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Extra Options

Support for international notation, sharp or flat note resolution, and auto playing sound.


Need to look up the Dominant 7th chord on the key of C? Nota includes a chords browser with up to 152 chords. You can play them in any key and even invert them.

Nota Music App - Chords
Nota Music App - Chord Browser
Nota Music App - Scales


From Major to Minor to Myxolidian. The scales browser allows you to look up 167 scale types and play them in any key.


Learn with a direct relationship of musical notation to piano keys. The Quiz can be set to Easy with 34 notes or Advanced with 82 notes that includes Sharp and Flats.

Nota Music App - Quiz Intro
Nota Music App - Quiz
Nota Music App - Reference


An extensive Reference Library with over 100 items that includes:

  • Accents & Accidentals
  • Lines, Breaks & Clefs
  • Key Signatures
  • Chords
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Dynamics
  • Note Relationships
  • Notes
  • Notes & Duration
  • Repetition & Codas
  • Rest & Durations
  • Time Signatures

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