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ThinkerToy: Spahes

Art creation game for children

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ThinkerToy: Shapes comes bundled with 90 picture puzzle silhouettes organized by themes such as "Landmarks", "Robots", "Transportation", etc.


Any picture created can be uploaded to the online gallery. Users can download any pictures as puzzles onto their own iPad.

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Pictures can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email.


An intuitive set of tools allow you to rotate, scale, and precisely position shapes on the canvas.

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Sounds can be set to play upon picture completion. A set of sound effects is included in the app or you can record your own.


Most pictures include a link to the relevant Wikipedia entry that is specially formatted for ThinkerToy: Shapes.

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Spark Creativity

Once you learn how it works, the sky is the limit. ThinkerToy: Shapes will help you break down an object, image or concept into simple geometric shapes to create a picture, thus training your visual perception. Once you start with one idea, it can easily lead to the next as you've been prompted to think in themes or categories by the examples. Challenge yourself as you use shapes to layer and create the desired silhouette for your picture. Play with size and color to give your designs extra creative flair.